A custom-designed, internally supported canopy from Columbus Awning provides high-quality, attractive protection from the elements needed for entrances, drive thru retail and commercial entry locations. 

The cantilevered canopy system offers a streamlined design to comliment your building design and structure. Using internal steel support arms, combined with our aluminum fascia/gutter and checking options, we can provide the custom finish desired. 

  • Shopping Centers
  • Passive Solar
  • Warehouse
  • Storefronts
  • Loading Docks
  • Office Buildings

Canopy Material Specifications:

  • Constructed using 6063 alloy-extruded aluminum
  • Heat treated to T-6 temper
  • Extruded aluminum fascia and gutter – .125”
  • Designed to drain water directly from canopy fascia and can be diverted by a scupper or into a downspout and discharged at ground level
  • Variety of finishes and decking to meet a variety of budgets

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exactly what is needed to our customers based on their unique needs and specifications. Our custom fascia, decking and finishes allow for specific value engineered solutions to the most demanding architectural requirements.

Our team would love to discuss the various design and engineering requirements for your next project. Contact us today for assistance.

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